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PRO Series - TRIPLE Monitor Mount PRO Series - TRIPLE Monitor Mount
PRO Series - TRIPLE Monitor Mount
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PRO Series - SINGLE Monitor Mount PRO Series - SINGLE Monitor Mount
PRO Series - SINGLE Monitor Mount
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Absolutely Fantastic

Amazing customer service, everything shipped out within 10 business days. Worth every penny.

- Austin D.


Amazing customer service,couldn't be happier with this rig,it's my first 80 20 profile rig and it's so much more stable than my last rig,it's the way to go!

- Chris D.

Top Notch

Highest quality and great service!! Highly recommend!!!

- Mike P.


Welcome to the wonderful world of sim racing! It’s an incredible and immersive hobby that’s easy to get into because you (probably) already know how to drive. Building a cockpit is like a fun adult version of putting legos together. You need a cockpit, wheel, pedals, and computer. From there you can jump right into Assetto Corsa in career mode OR even better join the rookie races in iRacing to get your bearings and start your learning process. We highly recommend racing with others online. It makes the experience much more fun and rewarding. Speaking of which, we are here to help you from the beginning and have a thriving community of new and veteran sim racers (and even professional race car drivers) on our Discord channel.

Sim Racing is an experience of bringing the adrenaline, intensity, and skill of real life racing right into your home, garage, or man cave. This is done via a racing cockpit setup, force feedback wheels, motions / haptic systems, and wrap-around monitors to give you the sensation of really being there. More than just a game, simulators are highly realistic using high precision scans and physics from real life cars and tracks. Want to test drive a Lambo and then Race an F1 car tonight? Now you can, and so much more.

Unlike a real car, if you crash you can always walk away and also save the money of a wrecked race car. You can also choose any car or any track day or night, rain or shine. Basically it gives the experience of a real car with the freedom to do whatever you want, wherever you want, and push as hard as you want. Now of course the G forces aren’t there in the sim but with haptics, buttkickers, and motion systems the immersion is quite incredible. When people get out of our demo cockpits they can’t believe how much their heart is racing and how intense it can be.

Yes! Very similar. In fact, the tracks are laser scanned to the mm and the cars are precision tuned to match their real world counterparts to such a level that real race car drivers use Sims regularly to practice leading up to real races. In fact it’s to the point now that if they didn’t, they would be at a significant disadvantage to their peers who did practice on a Sim.

Yes, a fun side effect of sim racing is becoming a much safer real life driver who is able to react to emergency and loss of control incidents at a much higher level. There are many posts on Reddit about people who have saved themselves and their families from crashes using skills learned while sim racing.

Yes! As a part of your purchase you get access to our private monthly hosted races with some of the top drivers in the world.

Absolutely, in fact without a SIM you’ll be left in dust as those who have practiced and found the right lines in the SIM. There is a reason every professional driver’s use SIMs to prep for every race. Also just the sheer amount of track time you can get in the SIM is 100x what you can get in the real world. Getting fully prepared on the SIM is a great way to make the most of your track days because you can hit the ground running.

Yes, all of them. From Max Verstappen, to Dale Earnhardt, to Sebastien Loeb. The value of SIM is undeniable and they love it because they can just have fun, improve without the pressure of a real race. Max Verstappen even went so far as to have a SIM installed on his private jet.