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Assembly Instructions / Manuals

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RCP Cockpit Sport Assembly Manual: PDF Download

 RCP Cockpit PRO Assembly Manual: PDF Download


Supplementary Manuals:

Rock Solid Side Mounts for Fanatec (For all cockpits): PDF Download

OSW / VRS / SIMUCUBE Front Mount (For all cockpits): PDF Download

Fanatec Shifter Mount (For all Cockpits): PDF Download

Keyboard Tray & Mouse Plate (For all Cockpits): PDF Download


Monitor Mounts:

SPORT Series - SINGLE & TRIPLE Monitor Mount Assembly Manual: PDF Download

 PRO Series - SINGLE & TRIPLE Monitor Mount Assembly Manual: PDF Download

Tips and Tricks:

Sport Shifter Rail Alternative Mounting:
You can mount the shifter rail off to the side to give more room for NRG racing seats etc to be able to slide in and out.


CSL DD / DD PRO Mounting:
 Use the 4 silver M6 bolts included in the accessory mounting bag. Screw these bolts (with washers on top) through the rock solid side mounts and into the Fanatec provided side channel T-Nuts.


Add Extra Stability to Monitors:
You can slide a T-Nut with a 12mm SHORT bolt into the channel behind the vesa mount to add extra stability and prevent any bouncing of large single monitors. Screw in and out to get the perfect length to support the vesa mount from the back. This also gives another dimension of adjustability.

(Shown here on the side for illustrative purposes. Use an Allen Wrench to slide to the middle behind vesa mount.)