Heusinkveld (HE) - Elastomer Kit for Sim Pedals Sprint
Heusinkveld (HE) - Elastomer Kit for Sim Pedals Sprint

Heusinkveld (HE) - Elastomer Kit for Sim Pedals Sprint

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    This Elastomer Kit is an optional upgrade for Sim Pedals Sprint owners who currently run earlier spec brake rubbers. This Elastomer Upgrade kit contains the latest injection molded thermoset brake elastomers.

    Check before buying
    Please note that these new elastomers may already be installed on your Sim Pedals Sprint. This is likely the case if you bought your Sim Pedals Sprint from December 2021 onwards.

    If your rubbers/elastomers have markings on the top indicating length and resistance (‘soft’ or ‘hard’), you already have the new specification installed. If there are no markings, you have the earlier spec.

    Pickup available at 6138 Innovation Way Usually ready in 2-4 days

    Heusinkveld (HE) - Elastomer Kit for Sim Pedals Sprint

    6138 Innovation Way

    Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

    6138 Innovation Way
    Carlsbad CA 92009
    United States


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